Ashley Morris Mullis Missing

An Open Letter to the Public

On behalf of the Morris family we are pleading to anyone that may have knowledge of what occurred to cause Ashley’s disappearance to please contact us.  All information that you provide will be kept strictly confidential, you are not required to provide any identifying information. Even if you are unsure about what you thought that you may have seen or what you have heard there may be truth to it. Just provide the information and we will ensure the information is passed on. We understand that some individuals are allergic to law enforcement and that is okay.

We are providing an opportunity for everyone to provide information without fear.

Our mission now is to allow the Morris family to bring Ashley home, we implore you to look deep within your heart and put yourself in their shoes try to imagine the pain and grief this family has suffered for over the years.  First the disappearance of their beautiful daughter that they love dearly and then to have their grandchild snatched away under corrupt circumstances by equally unscrupulous people.

Someone can bring this case to a close by providing the information that is needed to bring Ashley home.

Someone can provide information regarding the whereabouts of Shelia York and the Morris’s grandchild.

Always remember we all have choices to make in life and some of those choices are hard to make especially if it involves protecting those that you care about. But we have not lost faith in the fact that there is good inside people’s hearts, you know the difference between right and wrong so we are asking you to make the right choice today.

Thank you.

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