Ashley Morris Mullis Missing

July 8, 2021 

April 26. 2021

By request and on behalf of the Morris Family this update is being written to inform those who are genuine supporters of the family.

Admittedly, it has been quite a while since the last update on Ashley’s website and there is a simple explanation for this and that is the Investigator(s) with Delaware County Sheriff’s department have been relentlessly and methodically working on her case and because of this no information is being made available for release to the public.

Ashley’s case is unique and different from most missing person cases in the sense that from the onset ┬áit has been shrouded in lies, rumors, and innuendos.

With Sheriff Tony Skinner and his experienced no-nonsense hard-hitting investigators at the helm things are moving along swiftly in the right direction on Ashley’s case and a solid foundation has been firmly established. Which is wonderful news and is providing the Morris family with what they desperately needed all along and that is a renewed faith in law enforcement and their ability to find the answers and to bring closure to their family.

In the meanwhile, I would ask all to continue to support the family as they await the outcome. Sometimes a kind word or just listening is all that is needed to see a family through a horrific situation such as this.

Continue to pray that justice occurs for Ashley, Abagail, and the Morris family sooner than later and is swiftly enacted.

Event September 26th, 2020

MARCH 2020

Slaying the Monster 11/7/2019

There is a difference between truth and rumor, for those that may be wondering where this post is going to lead to it is quite simple. I am writing this on behalf of the Morris Family.

Why? To dispel an ugly rumor that has shadowed this family since the day the media announced the disappearance of Ashley six years ago.

There are individuals within the community that have taken a perverted pleasure in passing a rumor along about Ashley's Father, Donald Morris.

This disgusting rumor has spread far and wide within the social media circle which is believed to have caused people within hometown community not to reach out, come forward and assist this family in their search for the truth.

This is regarding an alleged incident that occurred 16 plus years ago with his daughter Ashley.

Here lies the difference between truth and rumor.

Truth is based on conformity with fact, reality, verity. Whereas on the other hand rumor is based on a story or statement in circulation without confirmation, it is gossip and hearsay.

It took only one single individual (B.H.) who is a known drug user to ignite the flames of this rumor strictly based on what Ashley relayed to her during an alleged drug transaction.

Here lies the problem not a single soul slinging this filth made any effort to validate within law enforcement if there was any truth behind Ashley's allegation. They simply assumed that Ashley was telling the truth.

I am going to publicly set the record straight for once and all and extinguish the flames of lies circulating.

The following information is based on extensive conversation with both a local law enforcement official, documentation that is available, and additional first-person eyewitnesses’ statement.

What happened 9 years earlier?

Ashley was a young 17-year-old female who like any other girl her age had an interest in males, dating, hanging on the phone, just doing what normal teenagers do. But, here lies the root cause of the lies that have spread like wildfire since her disappearance.

Ashley was associating with a male that she declared to be her boyfriend, against her parents wishes. This individual was a bad influence on Ashley, causing her to do things she normally would have not done. Like many other teenagers do she disregarded her parents wishes went behind her parents back therefore when she was caught, she was reprimanded for her behavioral actions.

The punishment fit the crime, all of us as parents have handed down the same punishment for decades to our own children, she was restricted to the home and use of the telephone.

The plain and simple instructions that were given by her parents were Ashley was to have no contact with the individual period neither by phone nor in person as any other parent would have done. This instruction was neither cruel nor unusual it was given to her as a protective measure to keep her safe from harm.

Ashley’s bedroom was off the side of the kitchen area, one evening Mr. Morris entered the kitchen area and heard Ashley talking in her bedroom, therefore as any parent would do when a child is on restriction he peeked  into Ashley’s room to see who if anyone she was speaking with. Ashley was caught speaking on the phone with the individual they were attempting to protect her from.

A verbal confrontation ensued, Ashley was fuming mad at her Father and called a relative to come pick her up at their home under the allegation of inappropriate behavior on her Father’s part.  The relative did comply with Ashley’s request even though this person had serious doubts about the allegation but their judgement to do so was based on a prior incident in their own life as a young child with someone outside the family.

Upon picking Ashley up and returning to their home, this individual called Don and informed him of the following:

  1. The allegations that Ashley made against him.
  2. That Ashley wanted to stay with the relative.

In response to this phone conversation, her parents denied the allegations and refused to bend to her demands of staying with the family member. They provided Ashley with two options, either she could come back home and live by their rules and or be transported to the Sheriff’s Department where she could relay her allegations. Ashley pulled the trigger and went to the Sheriff’s Department because she wanted to live life on her own terms at the age of 17.

Neither parent had any fear whatsoever, because they knew no wrongdoing occurred. After being placed in YOC Ashley was given two choices, she would be released back to her parent’s custody or her parents offered to rent an apartment for her until her 18th Birthday if she was not willing to abide by their rules. This is a great display love and concern for their child, they wanted to keep their child safe from harm.

Ashley opted on her own accord for the apartment which of course she immediately brought the individual into her environment, the same one that her parents fought so hard to keep away from her.

This is the skeleton out of the closet the painful truth in all its  glory, their child  Ashley lied in attempt to get her way. They are a family just like millions of other families out there that have had their share of hurt, pain, heartache, tears, frustration which was brought on by one of their own children.

There is documentation to validate everything that is written here, so folks prior to pointing a finger at this Father, this family regardless of what you may or may not know about him and his own struggles with addiction in the past. Think twice prior to opening your mouths.

What you have here are two heartbroken parents attempting to make sense of what happened to their daughter and granddaughter.

Hopefully this will clear the air and this family will receive what they have so desperately want and that is information pertaining to what if anything happened to their daughter.

Ashley if you are out there reading this and or if anyone has information pertaining that will assist in resolving this case please contact Delaware County Sheriff’s Office and ask to speak with the Law Enforcement Office that is assigned to her case. 1-765-747-7881

Thank you.

Balloon Release 9/27/2019

Updated Missing Persons Report Delaware & Muncie IN

As September 17, 2019 there are 28 missing persons for the Muncie/Delaware area.



Six Year Anniversary of Ashley's Disappearance on Sept. 19th, 2019

The undying love that we have our daughter Ashley and our granddaughter Abagail shall never pass away. We will continue every day of our lives to forge forward with our hearts and minds set that we will find both and bring them home.

Six years ago, this month, when Ashley disappeared our journey filled with fear, uncertainty, and panic but today we are stronger than ever, focused on the task at hand, brave beyond belief and filled with unbreakable determination.

We have endured horrendous tales full of falsehood of what happened to our daughter, leads that have led to nowhere, late-night visitors at our doorstep, telephone calls and social media messages based on rumors and gossip. All plotted by deceitful individuals endeavoring to keep us unbalanced and off track.

We have shoveled dirt, crawled in caves, searched parks, walked the banks of waterways, accompanied teams with trained k-9’s to explore specific areas, participated in podcasts, media interviews, held vigils, printed and passed out posters, wear t-shirts, Stood on street corners in all kinds of weather holding signs. Organized events to bring missing person awareness to the community. Made innumerable phone calls pleading for assistance to anyone who would listen. Pushed a petition for change not only for our loved ones but for all missing persons and their families in Indiana. Justifiably locked horns with law enforcement in the past. We have exposed the reality of the unsolved missing and unidentified murdered victims in our state. Continually stressed how important it was to our community to unite together during election time to remove from office those that were turning a blind eye and reluctant to do their appointed jobs and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

While it may appear to the public that all our efforts that we have put forth are in vain, we can reassure you they are not, and every day we are one step closer, while at times it appears to be moving painfully slow, we are undeniably moving forward in the right direction.

We want to take a moment to thank everyone for their continued prayers and support. We would kindly ask but one favor of you at this time and that is to keep praying to God to lead, guide, protect, and continue to provide insight beyond what is normal to the investigators that are working meticulously to bring forth justice for all the missing and murder victims and their families within our community.

Now with all the above said we have but one thing to speak to the individual that posted the following prayer on one of their social media accounts.

The following statement is directed to YOU and YOU ONLY!

The only way you will ever be able to be granted a restful night’s sleep and live free from fear is to come forward and tell the truth! Until such time you will be tormented day and night! How can God grant you anything or show you compassion when you are unwilling to show any compassion towards a family that is suffering. You are a selfish, self-centered, narcissistic individual. You deserve to endure sleepless nights, panic, stress, paranoia, fear, have struggles, and every other ugly thing imaginable until such time that you come forward to contact the Delaware Sheriff’s Department at 1-765-747-7881 ask for the investigator on Ashley’s case and tell them the truth!

A Simple Question.

What is it going to take to get someone, anyone to step forward?

$10.000.00 reward, automobile and Harley motorcycle have been offered for credible information yet nothing that has come in that can be validated.

Six years have passed us by living 24-7 in an emotional and mental fog in the land of the unknown and it amazes us that not one single decent soul with information has stepped forward.

We have endured years of rumors, outright lies, frustration and countless sleepless nights but we want to make it very clear we will never give up while we may be quiet here on Ashley’s website does not mean we have given up.

We will never give up!

It is just a matter of time and time is on our side not yours, your time is running out when you’re least expecting it justice will prevail.

Time to Step Up Please!

We know that you know exactly what happened to not only Ashley but additional missing persons within the Indiana area. We do know that you do have a conscious and this knowledge that you hold bothers you daily and it is eroding your inner peace. We do know that you are seeking a way to make things right without being discovered because you live in fear.

That is why there is a tip line on Ashley’s page where you can submit the information anonymously that is so desperately needed to resolve what has happened and is happening in the Indiana area. These missing individual’s families, friends and loved ones need answer and deserve answers, and we do know that you can provide those answers.

You can make the difference and bring about peace and closure for the families as to what happened to their loved ones. We are reaching out to you today to ask you to go to your higher power and ask for guidance, protection, strength and power beyond what is normal to step up and provide that information .

We know the reward money means nothing to you because, it is a matter of fear and retribution from animals that have zero morals and could care less. You innocently became involved in a situation that you now feel you must go along with to preserve your own life and safety and feel there is no way out.

But that is where you are wrong, there is a way out with protection of anonymity. We have been waiting for you to  take that next step, it has been long enough.  Now is the time to come forward and set things right for everyone that is enduring heart wrenching pain.

Another Birthday and Mother’s Day just passed by us  and we are tired, worn down and want to lay our daughter to rest and in the process assist other families to do the same. You hold the key to make that happen, so please open that door to us and give us the insight that is necessary to bring our nightmare to an end.

If your find it is too difficult to tell us, call  765-747-7881  and if you do not trust law enforcement take  the information to a trusted clergy person, social service worker, mental health service provider, a doctor anyone outside the immediate area and ask him or her to report for you.

We believe in you and are waiting.

What the hell is wrong with eBay?

While researching some information on both Ashley’s case and additional cases in the Muncie, Indiana area I was mortified to discover some very disturbing items being sold on eBay.

One would think that a conglomerate that is as big as eBay would take the time out of counting their financial gains off the backs of the sellers to devise a plan to police what is being sold on their site.

I asked myself  this question and after spending countless hours researching and reporting items that are being sold against eBay’s own policies. I have reached the conclusion that for eBay the bottom line is that money matters more!

I am going to provide screen captured items that currently are or have been up for sale on eBay and you be the judge.

Unidentified Human Skull up for Auction.

Please note the seller has no clue whatsoever regarding the history surrounding this human skull. Does not state they have documentation as to who or where the remains came from. While this potentially could be the skull of an individual that donated their body to science and if that is the case why in the hell is it being auctioned off on eBay?

I contacted eBay they 100% agree it is against their policy for sellers to sell any type of human remains, bones, organs, etc. except for human hair. But they have yet to take it down because the auction bids are going sky high on this skull.

I demanded that they contact authorities to notify them that this individual is selling the skull so that they can investigate the situation in more depth. To ensure it is done I contacted NAMUS to give them a head’s up (no pun intended).

Today anything is possible, and we will leave no stone left un-turned seeking answers to both Ashley and other missing person cases.

Welcome to the Dark Side of eBay

Please note the seller has no clue whatsoever regarding the history surrounding this human skull. Does not state they have documentation as to who or where the remains came from. While this potentially could be the skull of an individual that donated their body to science and if that is the case why in the hell is it being auctioned off on eBay?

I contacted eBay they 100% agree it is against their policy for sellers to sell any type of human remains, bones, organs, etc. except for human hair. But they have yet to take it down because the auction bids are going sky high on this skull.

I demanded that they contact authorities to notify them that this individual is selling the skull so that they can investigate the situation in more depth. To ensure it is done I contacted NAMUS to give them a head’s up (no pun intended).

Today anything is possible, and we will leave no stone un-turned seeking answers to both Ashley and other missing person cases.

While researching some information on both Ashley’s case and additional cases in the Muncie area I was mortified to discover some very disturbing items being sold on eBay.

One would think that a conglomerate that is as big as eBay would take the time out of counting their financial gains off the backs of the sellers to devise a plan to police what is being sold on their site.

I asked myself  this question and after spending countless hours researching and reporting items that are being sold against eBay’s own policies. I have reached the conclusion that for eBay the bottom line is that money matters more!

I am going to provide screen captured items that currently are up for sale on eBay and you be the judge.

Unidentified Human Skull up for Auction.

Please note the seller has no clue whatsoever regarding the history surrounding this human skull. Does not state they have documentation as to who or where the remains came from. While this potentially could be the skull of an individual that donated their body to science and if that is the case why in the hell is it being auctioned off on eBay?

I contacted eBay they 100% agree it is against their policy for sellers to sell any type of human remains, bones, organs, etc. except for human hair. But they have yet to take it down because the auction bids are going sky high on this skull.

I demanded that they contact authorities to notify them that this individual is selling the skull so that they can investigate the situation in more depth. To ensure it is done I contacted NAMUS to give them a head’s up (no pun intended).

Today anything is possible, and we will leave no stone unturned seeking answers to both Ashley and other missing person cases.



Bio blood samples, skin and brain tissue matter is not only a hazmat issue but has the potential to be deliberately being used in during the commission of a crime and planting false DNA.




Imagine the following items being purchased and used in a sinister fashion against another human being.

Deadly Nightshade – Atropo belladonna

Since antiquity, the lethal, as well as the hallucinogenic effects of poisoning with Atropa Belladona are well known; therefore, they are an important part of orgies and rituals”.

Conium maculatum, Hemlock or Poison Hemlock

Conium maculatum, the hemlock or poison hemlock, is a highly poisonous biennial herbaceous flowering plant.

Tonka Beans

Tonka Beans were outlawed by the United States Federal Government in 1954 for consumption if given in a large amount it will and has caused death.  But yet the seller is based here in the United States and selling this product on eBay!

Animals being trapped and killed for bones

The deliberate act of capturing and killing animals to use them in rituals!


I could spend hours posting what was discovered but will refrain from doing so and can only hope someone with authority steps in and investigates eBay period and that eBay should be held accountable!

Ashley's Website

We apologize for not providing advance notice of the website being down for maintenance it is now back up and fully functional.  There are many updates that will be posted in the upcoming days. 

As always Thank You for your understanding, caring, sharing and support.


The faith of a Mustard Seed

We shall not back down, we shall stay strong for both Ashley and Abagail.

We wholeheartedly place our trust in the fact truth will prevail in the end.

Dear GOD, give us the strength to carry on in the face of our adversaries whom are deliberately ignoring our pleads for answers, justice and making a mockery out of our deep-rooted pain.

For your beloved Son Jesus Christ stated, “If you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.”

We beseech you to assist us in removing that adversarial mountain, we asked this wholeheartedly with faith that you shall help us do as we have requested, so that we may bring our girls home.


Friend or Foe?

Out of the group we know there are several of you that allegedly were Ashley’s friends, if you truly were her friend you would make things right for Ashley, her children and her family.

Understand you cannot run from your own selves and the memories no matter how much you attempt to self-medicate!

Come forward and stand up for yourselves because no one else will, be brave and tell the part you played in this nightmare and let the chips fall where they may.

We know who all of you are, and it is only a matter of time before it all comes crashing down or that we begin to post photos of each of you and put the facts out there as we understand them to be!

It is bad enough Ashley’s children will have to grow up without their Mother.

Do you want the same for your own children?

Keep this in mind if it happened to Ashley and the others what makes you so sure you are not next on their list?

As a group you can take down those that cause you to live in sickening fear daily.

Why are you allowing these monsters to continue to roam free?

There is strength in numbers band together as warriors and win this fight and be free forever from the fear that engulfs you!

We truly are of the belief that you all can do this and that your lives will change for the better if you can only find it within yourselves to be strong and take down the puppet masters that are holding you in physical, mental and emotional captivity.

The mystery of the blue barrel is not a mystery at all !

Families of the missing attempt to play by the rules they try to do the right thing and hand over all data and information that is gathered pertaining to their missing loved one.

Once a formal missing person report is made if the missing person is an adult the family is pretty much on their own.

They call the investigating agency in charge of their loved one’s case, if they are lucky enough they will receive a call back other times their calls for a status update are totally ignored.

They are not asking for special privileges or treatment they are quite aware that there are many others missing or unsolved murders within their local surrounding area. But they do deserve answers when it is your power to do so.

One could only hope it is because the agency and investigators are so bogged down attempting to resolve the ongoing issues of the missing and murdered.

But as of lately we are belief that is not the case whatsoever.

Here is a perfect example pertaining to Ashley’s case.

For those of you that have been following along with the Morris family. You will recall that months ago a tip came in about a barrel.

Mr. Morris and others went to the location on a ground search and they found the barrel. They immediately called and reported their discovery.

The barrel was taken by law enforcement what they did with the barrel is still questionable, because from that point forward when inquiries have been made by the family regarding the barrel they receive the same answer.

That the investigator is attempting to find out where the barrel came from.

This is where it becomes mind boggling and eyebrow raising to those of us in the know.

How is it that others outside of law enforcement can seek and find the answers but you as an investigator cannot while the answer was right there your face for years?

No need for you to continue to seek the answer of where it came from here is all the proof you that you need in addition to eyewitnesses.


You Sir have been handed on a silver platter credible logical solid evidence, witness testimonies to bring Ashley’s case further to closure than it has been in the past five years!  Get the job done!

Folks we implore you to remember election time is coming up! Time to clean house!


This message is for you!

This is a message directed straight at YOU, we know you are a master at manipulation and playing dark sick twisted mind games on the weak and down trodden.  

You learned well by worshipping your God of Darkness but you’re a pathetic nobody and have failed miserably at understanding the other side of darkness where light resides.

You think your God of Darkness is the almighty and powerful and he shall protect you?

Hell, no, guess again he has every intention of sitting back and laughing at how gullible you truly were to think you could be one of his own.

He and his minions shutter at the mere mention of God’s name and they flee. Proverbs 18:10

In your own mind you thought you would never have to answer for any of your wrong doing.

You and those that obeyed you out of feigned fear, your day of reckoning is coming, and it is going to be more fearsome and destructive than anything you yourself could ever conceivably imagine.

 The punishment that you all shall receive will be on behalf of all the lowly ones that have been murdered by you and your minions, you took it upon yourselves to shed innocent blood and now these souls are crying out to the heavens to Almighty God to exact justice on their behalf.

In response God has already answered the cries of the both the victims and their families by stating “‘Vengeance is mine; I will repay,’ and repay he shall.

The Morris family and all the other families effected by your vile evilness will not have to lift a finger to see this come to fruition and that is a promise you can take to the bank along with all your ill gotten gains!

Thanks ...but no thanks!

While many have approached the Morris family with offers of assistance by using their proclaimed special powers to seek the answers to Ashley’s disappearance we have a kind but firm answer to all.

Thanks, but no thanks!

We are de-escalating the psychic onslaught as of lately.

We will rely on bold faith, truth, and the power of prayer to continue to plead for strength beyond what is normal from Almighty God to find both our girls and bring them home.

We are of the belief this practice is based on demonic customs therefore we do not want to participate in any type of communication from those offering their services. Regardless of requests for compensation or not.

We are fully aware that unscrupulous individuals use tricks to trap people and attempt to make them believe that it’s possible to talk to the dead and that those who have died are still alive somewhere and can communicate with the living. The medium, may tell the family something interesting about the missing person/deceased person even at times try to imitate the dead person’s voice.

There are those that profit off the suffering of others by employing the above-mentioned tactics via Facebook, YouTube, Pod cast, Television, radio programs etc.

With today’s technology it is extremely easy for a fraudsters and Scammers to find out personal information about anyone if they have inside knowledge how to do so.

We as a team have all agreed and to steer clear of such demonic and fraud practices, we wholeheartedly want God to assist us and protect us from those that are attempting to deliberately derail and cause chaos under the guise of assisting the family while on the search for Ashley and Abagail.

We are publicly declining any offers of such services and are keeping ourselves clean from such debauchery.

So please do not send your offers of services any longer for they are not welcomed here.

Leviticus 19:31, 1 Samuel 28:3-19, Psalm 115:17, 11; Isaiah 8:19


Which one are you?

Henceforth here is some food for thought…

Those that are not assisting missing person’s families in a productive manner prove themselves to be nothing more than busybodies and gossipers.

There’s always going to be that one person who finds out a potential tidbit of information on a case and tells everybody. That person is a busybody. They go on social media and spread it far and wide, “did you hear about so and so?”

Busybodies are exasperating and most of the time they don’t have all the details, so they could be potentially spreading lies.

Busybodies they are everywhere. Twitter, Facebook, etc. These people are worried about other people so much that they can’t see the huge plank in their own eyes.

They spend their days in idle nonsense and foolishness.

Busybodies meddle, are instigators and emotional soul suckers of missing person’s families.

Ask yourself which one are you?

 A kind and true friend to those that are suffering and a righteous troublemaker forging forward to get to the truth?

Or simply a lazy busybody with no intention of ever helping and are hell bent on causing redundant grief for all ready suffering missing person families?

What in the is going on in Delaware County Indiana?

Sometimes we become immune to what is happening around us. We feel that this may be the case in Delaware County when it pertains to Missing Persons. We may read and hear the words that are being written or said, but we are bombarded with horrific events, deaths, missing, daily that the data does not really registered with our brains.

So, we thought that maybe by using visualization it will get the point across loud and clear as to how many are truly missing in Delaware County and have not been included in the NamUs database. 

Map Key

Blue = Missing Males

Pink = Missing Females

Link to map/names of missing

We are hoping by having people see the enormity of the situation in such a small area that it will move you to sign our petition for “ALL” the missing in Indiana.

Also, this is not a personal attack on any one person or group this is a generalized statement so if the shoe fits……. You know who you are!

What is it with these missing person groups or individuals that state they are assisting families with missing loved ones but, yet these same people go out of their way to cause issues for families and others?

If their hearts were truly in the right place regardless they would do everything in their power to assist, for example request that their FB followers sign the petition anyone can sign it they do not need to live in Indiana.

The only criteria to sign are that they agree with what is being stated on the petition.

But instead these people prey on the missing person’s families to further their own agendas be it in the form of untruthful gossip, nasty comments, posting incorrect information, creating FB groups without the family’s permission. Attempting to have others become close to the family to access confidential information about an ongoing case and or sending false or misleading information to the family.

 Here is a new concept…Instead of wasting your lives on causing others trouble why not put your energies to good use and help a family.

Delaware County Missing Persons Banners - Open Invite

The Morris family is in the process of having additional missing person banners designed from donations that have been received to bring complete awareness to the missing person situation in Delaware County.

They would like extend a helping hand to any family in Delaware County that has a missing loved one to provide a photo of the child or adult that is missing and send it to or in a private message on Ashley’s Facebook page.

Please help them help you to get the plight of the missing in Delaware County out to the public and the media!

***Please note by providing photos you are giving permission for said photos to be used on the banners that will be on display at all events.

God Bless and Thank you for Caring and Sharing this most important invitation to others.

What is going on?

While we are not aware of the circumstances surrounding their disappearance just the same they have been added to the Indiana missing person's July report. There are six more females missing! This is inexcusable that Delaware County and Muncie Indiana are turning a blind eye and deaf ear to what is happening.

People are disappearing and they don't give a damn! Regardless every single life matters!

We urge you to sign Ashley's petition to assist other families to bring their loved ones home!

Please note four of these females went missing this month!







Review the entire Indiana State Report here.…/fi…/Indiana_Missing_Person_Bulletin.pdf

Just when you think you have seen it all...

While the team was conducting some research today, using the State of Indiana Government website we ran across this and we were appalled!
One would think that man hours and funding would go towards running DNA on those poor souls that have been laying in the multiple morgues since 1975! 

Whoever was responsible for this asinine idea should go sit in the family home of a missing person with that deck of cards in their hands on the anniversary of a missing person’s disappearance and offer the family if they would like to play Go Fish with you!

A letter from a broken hearted Mother... i miss this beautiful face, her smile and warm heart. I miss opening my eyes and not seeing her face. I miss her voice, her laughter, i just miss her so. How can some animal just come into our lives and within months just rip it all to hell? Can anyone tell me, anyone at all? Sure you can, you just choose not to. How do you wake up every morning and start your day? How do you look in the mirror and see yourself as a human being? Your not! How do you eat, drink, sleep, shop, breathe, enjoy yourself, enjoy time with your family and friends, enjoy time with your children, just enjoy life period? How do you do it? Knowing what you know, or what you had a part in. Just how do you do it? Whoever you are, I know you are reading this, i just know you are. You are a coward, a spineless piece of filth. That you could come forward and end this suffering, not only for her parents or her kids, but for Ashley. But you choose to do nothing. The words that come out of my mouth or come to mind don't even come close to the filth that you are. You think that you've gotten away with this by hidding in the scumm of a hole that you were born in or keeping your mouth shut. One day, and it won't be soon enough for me, but one day you will have to answer for what you know or what you had a part in, and chose not to free yourself of this ugliness that's got a hold of you. I will pray for you. As for Ashleys family, we will forever live in this hell until we find out where she is, who knows and who is involved. And if you think for one second that you are going to continue to threaten and scare us away, you need to think again. You think you have the upper hand, lol, you do not. You sit back in your hi-chair and think that you've got us right where you want us. Lol, that is funny. You are a joke. You keep sending me your fake friends request, thinking your going to get something out if it. You are pathetic. So by all means, keep sending them, they are quite amusing. Just know, it's only a matter of time...just a matter of time. So by keeping this all to yourself, You think your hurting me, think again. I will not let you. In the end, you will loose. So, whenever you look in that morror, see your reflection, close your eyes at night, wake up in the morning to start your day, i hope you see her face. I hope it haunts you and eats you up inside, i hope it takes you to a deep dark hell. I know i shouldn't wish this upon anyone, but this is how I feel, this is what you have done to me...this is me. God, forgive me. Ashley will always live on in my heart. And that is something that no one will ever take from me, not even you.

The Meaning of Truth

Truth is most often used to mean being in accord with fact or reality and logical truth also called an analytic truth or a necessary truth is a statement which is true in all possible ways.

That is what the Morris Family is seeking the unadulterated truth as to what occurred prior to and leading up to Ashley’s disappearance.

Regardless of how unpleasant or brutal the truth maybe it is only with truth being brought forth will the opportunity for mental, emotional and physical healing to begin.

Therefore, if there is anyone out there that reads this and has compassion in their hearts and knows the truth please give Ashley’s family what they are seeking for the past five years and that is the truth.

Please help the Morris family bring their beloved Ashley home and lay their suffering to rest, pick up the phone and make that call today to any one of these organizations.


Delaware County Sheriff's Office

Detective Kurt Walthour


Case Number 2013-25263



Case Number 24768

The Regional Program Specialist - Melissa Gregory

 (817) 304-0893


FBI – by email anonymously, by phone

Ashley Morris Mullis: Must-Know Facts about Her Strange Disappearance.

Mr. Whitefoot we salute you for writing this article about Ashley and the other young ladies that are missing or were found deceased in Indiana. Bless you for bringing Ashley's story to the public and our push to get the NamUs law enacted in Indiana. Thank you for sharing and caring.

Somewhere amongst all this communication there lies a shred of truth.

We need help finding out the truth.

Close your eyes and imagine for a moment that your beloved child and grandchild are missing. You were not informed that your child was missing until several days later. You mind is racing ninety to nothing attempting to make sense out of it all.

You cannot eat properly, you cannot sleep properly, your adrenaline is pumping, you are constantly on high alert, asking yourself over and over again.

  • Who could be responsible.
  • What happened.
  • Where did it happen.
  • Why did it happen.
  • When did it happened.

Add on to that the emotional, mental and physical hell this family is experiencing, then add the onslaught of tips and leads that one is more horrifying then the next.

Examples: (Keep in mind this is just scratches the surface)

  • Ashley was murdered by xyz and fed to the hogs.
  • Ashley was murdered by xyz and placed in a barrel of acid and dumped in the water.
  • Ashley overdosed or deliberately was given an overdose of drugs and was improperly discarded. 
  • Ashley was murdered, and her remains were burned in a bon fire.
  • Person of interest xyz raped her and murdered her and run that same scenario multiple times around in your mind with different persons of interest.
  • Ashley was abducted by a gang and is being sex trafficked out.
  • Ashley is in the county jail.
  • Ashley is in the witness protection program.
  • Ashley was murdered chopped up and discarded.

Those are but a few examples of what this family has had to contend with and endured over the past five years. Just imagine attempting to lay your head down on your pillow at night after receiving one of these tips.

Moving forward add on top of that all the individuals that allegedly have special gifts or powers. While it is not our place to judge someone’s claim of having these abilities what we do question is their motives and their intent.

When desperation sinks in families tend to use every available method at their disposal even when the information given makes no logical sense.

Here are a few examples:

  • I see a number. (this statement has been given multi-times by numerous individuals to the family, the odd thing is not a single person has given the same numbers. It runs the gamut from a singular number to multiple numbers.
  • I see yellow, pink, purple, orange, black, green, polka dotted things. (that is just an example of the many colors and items)
  • I see a tree that is wet, and it is fall. I see mud, I see dirt, I see grass, I see the sky, I see leaves.
  • I see a man yes, a man. I see a girl, I see girls, I see a two girls no wait three girls, I see two men, I see young men, I see old men. 
  • I see a man that has a hat on. I see two men with black , blond, brown, gray, silver, white  no hair, I see a scruffy looking man.
  • I see a man that is wearing a coat, I see a man that is wearing a t-shirt, I see two men one is looking away, one is looking forward.
  • I see a room, I see a floor, I see a wall, I see a chair, I see indoors, I see outdoors, I see up, I see down.
  • I smell an sweet aroma, I smell a sour aroma, I smell something burning, I taste something funny.

Do you see a problem with the above-mentioned statements?  These are all generalized comments that provide no clear answers. 

We will not touch upon all the other I see …. messages, because some are accusatory,  ludicrous or just maybe perhaps hold a glimmer of hope that is yet to be seen.

Now stack on top of that all the individuals that have ask insensitive outrageous questions based on hearsay and rumors. (People please think before you speak).​

  • Hey there is a rumor going around about xyz is that true?

Now pile all the above on top of those individuals that visit Ashley’s site or the family members Facebook pages and make untruthful statements based on hearsay.

Put all of this together and what do you have?

You have a family that is...

  • Attempting to find answers as to what happened to their daughter and granddaughter.
  • Not eating well.
  • Not sleeping well.
  • Still responsible for carrying on daily routines to survive. (jobs, housework and so forth)
  • Talking with strangers on the telephone because the strangers swear they know something or someone they know knows something or someone they know knows  someone who knows something.
  • Answering the same questions repeatedly almost daily about Ashley and Abagail.
  • Fighting red tape to get assistance from the county, state and government agencies to help them find the answers.
  • Attempting to keep their daughter Ashley's case out there and keep it active in public view.
  • Forced to defend their selves and their daughter regardless of what others may think, say or judge.
  •  Living in sheer and utter disbelief that law enforcement or federal agencies will not help them.
  • Attempting to orchestrate public awareness events, searches, banners, fliers about your child and constantly hope and pray others will assist you in your endeavors that are volunteering to assist without ulterior motives.

The bottom line is here you have a overwhelmed family that is suffering beyond words, unless you have stood in their shoes you could never comprehend that inner pain and it is our earnest prayer that you never have to face what the Morris family and all those other families with missing loved ones are enduring or have had to endure in the past. 

Truthfully, is a lot for any family or person to contend with on daily basis times five years, don’t you agree?

If so we are asking everyone that if it is in your heart to please assist by sharing Ashley’s NamUs poster with your friends and families.

Review and sign the purposed petition.

The immediate goal currently is to collect enough in donations to have a billboard with Ashley’s information on a major thoroughfare. If you can spare even a single dollar towards this billboard every penny counts and when enough is collected we promise that we will share photos of the billboard for everyone to see exactly how your donated dollars are spent. As in the photo gallery you can see banners that are purchased, t-shirts, and receipts are available for review for lawyer fees.

A near future goal is to conduct more searches within locations of interest when the volunteer k9 search teams state they are ready to do so.

And lastly but just as important if you can assist this family and your background information can be cleared by Law Enforcement or you’re an established organization or you have knowledge as to why according to the family they have experienced complete resistance pertaining to assistance with their daughter’s case please contact us.

This family needs all the help they can get.

***Note*** While we use the term child, Ashley is not a child she is an adult, we are aware that Ashley as an adult has the right to go missing. But her family feels this statement does not hold validity in her case, she was listed as missing under suspicious circumstances by law enforcement because of the circumstances. According to family members and friends she would never leave her children or go without contact with family for such an extended period.

As always thank you for caring and sharing this information with others and may you be blessed for your efforts.

Indiana State Senate - Please help us make this happen!

Since Ashley’s disappearance, her family and friends have suffered with anguish and uncertainty. Family and friends have the right to know what happened. Indiana state government and law enforcement have an obligation to provide information and assist efforts to find the answers.

This must apply to every single family that is facing the same situation in the state of Indiana.

Adults and children alike go missing daily. Because the fate of the missing may be unknown, families are faced with the anguish of not knowing what happened to their loved one. Such families live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week faced with ongoing uncertainty and are unable to grieve

Humanitarian and human rights law requiring that all possible measures are taken to ensure the fate is known of their missing loved ones and that their families are kept informed must be enacted immediately.

While searching for answers pertaining to Ashley’s disappearance, it was discovered that inadequate measures to provide vital DNA, dental records and additional pertinent information is not being submitted to the federal NamUs database.  Out of the Nine hundred plus missing children and adults in the State of Indiana only 169 of those cases or 1% have been submitted to the NamUs database.

As of today, there are 59 Unidentified Person cases in the NamUs database that are sitting in limbo in the state of Indiana dating back to 1975. It is incomprehensible that this should be occurring, taking into consideration that it is your hard earn tax paying dollars that are paying for this service and it is not being properly utilized.

The rights of missing persons must be protected and not violated. The Indiana judicial system must be called to enact a law that allows for family members the legal right to be the missing person’s voice. To conduct all business in the missing person’s behalf, as if the missing person was present. (Obtaining all legal documentation, financial transactions, medical and dental records, etc.)

It is a crucial for all families of missing persons that forensics and the proper handling of unidentified persons remains to be enacted in the State of Indiana.

It is vital for all the residences of  the state of Indiana to collectively speak up and demand change. By placing your signature on the following petition, it will send a clear message to appointed officials that change is necessary to reunite missing loved ones with their families.

We are imploring on behalf of the Morris family and every other family in the State of Indiana to assist us with demanding that present missing person and unidentified policies are changed, by signing the following petition so that it we have the support needed to introduce a more in-depth directive and proposed bill to the Indiana Senate entitled the Ashley Morris Mullis law. 

Please click on the link below to sign the petition. Thank you for caring and sharing.


Ashley's Facebook Page

This is a reminder to everyone that visits Ashley’s website, especially families that have missing loved ones. We have said it before and will say it again, it’s of the utmost importance for you to make sure that you check with law enforcement prior to allowing strangers to assist your family, unless they are a well-established known organization, family member or a close personal friend.

We cannot stress this enough!

We hate to do this, but we are going to use the Morris Family as an example and share what has transpired when it pertains to offers of assistance from strangers, Facebook and Ashley’s case.

Prior to Ashley’s disappearance her parents were unfamiliar on how to use Facebook and social media.

After word hit the news media that Ashley was missing, offers of assistance came pouring in from others locally, out of state and on social media.

A group of individuals feigning ignorance of knowing one another interjected themselves into Ashley’s case under the guise of offering the family help in several ways, one was the following:

Offering to create a Facebook page for Ashley’s case and then delegated their own self to be the administrator of that page.

Unbeknownst to the family the individual that set up the Facebook page for Ashley, had complete control of the back end of Ashley’s missing Facebook page.

The family had no idea that such a thing as a back end existed.

By adding the Morris family members names as editors, the others had complete control to view and see the following:

Every single private conversation that others thought they were having with a Morris family member.

Therefore, anything that was sent to the Morris family member on Ashley’s Missing page in confidence was being intercepted and read and at times even responded to by these individuals and not the family.

Those of you that thought you were sending private information, tips and leads to the Morris family and received a message back in the form of:

  • A Slow Dance poem
  • Billy Graham religious paragraph pertaining to children reaping what they sow.
  • And or some other off the wall response that left you puzzled and confused.

We can reassure you that is why because it was not the Morris Family answering you.

These same individuals had the ability to review every single phone message that came in and out of the Morris family’s phones because they were so helpful to the family to set everything up for them.

These same individuals had the ability to review every single location that family members traveled to because they were so helpful to the family and set everything up for them GPS location tracker on their phones.

The Morris family was completely naïve until recently when it was discovered during a conversation by the team that they were not, nor have they even been in control of the Facebook account. Even thou for all intent and purposes it appeared that the family did own and have control over the page.

It was quickly determined that the family needed to gain access to the back end of Ashley’s Missing Facebook account. At this point in time close to ten thousand archived files have been downloaded in their entirety to review exactly what has transpired the past five years.

It is quite a daunting task, but we are making lead way, which brings us to once again providing a word of caution to everyone never ever allow anyone outside of your family and friend circle to have control over your missing loved ones Facebook account unless they are first approved by law enforcement.

Attention: The Facebook page that you used to visit this update is the one and only official page that is manned and ran by the Morris family. All other Facebook pages please refrain from sending any private information, tips or leads.


Ashley's mother's heartfelt thoughts and photo bounty reward

We have been very busy lately, but wanted to share two different items with the public today. One is a heartfelt open and honest letter with photos of Ashley that Mrs. Morris posted on her social media site. We felt it was important to you experience thru her  words what it feels like to have a child missing. 

This is a pain like no other. When a love one is missing, that is a pain like no other. You want to hold them, see them, talk with them, visit with them, but you can't. That is a pain like no other. Every waking day is pure agony, that is a pain like no other. When it hurts so bad deep down inside your soul, that is a pain like no other. The pain I have inside me is unimaginable, it's a pain like no other. Pain, agony, heartache, sadness, emptiness, loneliness, bitter, angry, hateful, just plain death is what I feel daily. But I do have a special place in my heart filled with love, always...Ashley.

$100.00 Photo Bounty Reward

We have repeatedly received rumors that Daniel York Sr. is not deceased, that he has been spotted numerous times in Muncie, IN The first person that can provide us with a snap shot photo that is time stamped and dated of one living breathing Daniel York, Sr who was the last person seen with Ashley and turn it over to us will immediately receive the $100.00 photo bounty reward. Think about it $100.00 dollars for a Nano second of your time to push the button on your cell phone and contact us with your proof.


Were you a victim of the show room upstairs located at the North American Discount Muffler located on Walnut Street Muncie, Indiana?

Please contact us we want to hear your story, we care.

In response to the tipster that requested an increase in the reward money that is non-negotiable, please reconsider what is currently being offered.

The search team evaluated two separate properties this week and we would like to thank the team for their time and effort.

Updates-5/19/2018 - Update 8/24/18

Update: Thank you for caring this person in the photo below has been identified.

Everyone on the team has been working hard this week and the Morris family is very thankful for your dedication to finding the answers pertaining to Ashley and Abagail. We are very close to reaching our short term goals here in the near future.

An open statement to the individual we spoke with earlier this week.

We are still waiting on that phone call that you promised to return. If you do not have the time to call back we will schedule an appointment and visit your establishment when you’re not so busy. The question that we asked of you was not hard to answer; it is either yes or no.

Do you know this gentleman?

If anyone can identify this individual please contact us, he was photographed in September 2013 walking on East Delta Drive in Royerton, IN and the Morris Family would like to speak with him if possible.  This gentleman is not accused or suspected of any wrong doing.


A word of caution - 5/17/2018

 Being the family of a missing person is difficult enough, but there are people that making scamming others their full time job and families of  missing persons are no exception. After doing some research we thought these words of caution were appropriate to post on Ashley's website for other families with missing loved ones.

Never ever pay any one when approached with offers of assistance to locate your loved one for a price. Secondly, when approached regarding volunteering on your loved ones case the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center provides some excellent advice regarding volunteers.

Know your volunteers. Keep an accurate sign-in sheet with names and times when volunteers are active Record all volunteers' names, addresses, phone numbers, license plate numbers and driver's license numbers. Have volunteers sign consent forms for background checks and ask the police to run the checks.

Use your volunteers effectively.

Good Uses

• Distributing posters

• Asking for donations (bottles of water, meals, canopy tents, tables, chairs, items needed as supplies for search parties)

• Collecting reliable published media on the case

• Going door-to-door with printed fliers

• Ground searches

Bad Uses

• Talking to the media (unless the person is a professional public information officer, family member or close friend)

• Being a spokesperson or contact person for law enforcement 

Additionally the following content was gathered from numerous different articles around the internet and hold validity as to why it is so important prior to sharing a missing person poster on social media.

Sharing Missing Person Posters on Social Media

No doubt you’ve seen these pleas on Facebook before: Share this photo to help find my missing person. But heartfelt messages don’t always have the best intentions behind them, and by sharing them you could be putting the person in danger. Have you ever thought of that?

Thousands upon thousands of well-meaning people share the image, hoping that it might be seen by someone who can help. And if it is seen by someone helpful, then everything in the world is well and good, right? Not always.

Too many people blindly believe what’s written in Facebook posts such as these. They want to help, to be doing something about the problem. And because of this, they don’t think it through. This can be very dangerous.

Missing Persons Are Not Always Missing

Sometimes the missing children in these posts are not actually missing: they are hiding. A family’s secret identity was blown open after the father made a plea on Facebook. Well-meaning people worldwide shared the post until someone recognized the alleged missing people.

What none of these well-meaning people realized was that the woman and children were given protected identities by the authorities after leaving an abusive environment and the spouse. Suddenly, their safety was put at risk, by people who had been trying to help reunite a family.

“The worst-case scenario is that you contribute to someone being beaten, raped or killed. You have to think twice before sharing this type of searches for missing people on Facebook”,

People in protection programs may be running from domestic violence, gang connections, or have been a witness to a serious crime. By exposing them, you leave them vulnerable to the people they are hiding from.

It’s impossible for most people to tell a heartfelt search from a malevolent one, so it’s best to avoid sharing at all just in case. However, if the search originated from a police source, or comes with a link to a reputable newspaper showing that the police are searching for the missing person, then it is likely to be legitimate. Even so, it’s worth considering that it’s a well set up ruse, so maintain a sense of skepticism. You can also check the state clearing house of missing persons for verification.

It’s also worth considering why people share these things in the first place. Some have described this as emotional armchair activism.

Many of the people who share these stories are often:

Trying to help a cause as best as they can from their living room.

Terrified that something similar may happen to their family members.

In some way attracted to the stories of other people’s grief.

Keep these points in mind when you consider sharing. To the people who see these stories every day, the people sharing them start to look like creepy tragedy-addicts who would rather click a few buttons than go out and help someone.

The Moral of The Story

It’s the Internet. You can’t really know what to believe unless you properly scrutinize the source, and you can’t always believe people are who they say they are. When it comes to missing children, you need to be even more vigilant with your research. Don’t just share the sob stories without thinking, as you may endanger people with good reason to stay hidden.

Facebook is rife with phishing schemes, click-jacking, scams and hoaxes. Most people are quite vigilant in avoiding these, yet have a blind spot when it comes to supposed missing persons. Don’t be fooled!

Scammers Set Up Fake Missing Persons Pages to Harvest Facebook Likes

Scammers have come up with a clever way to harvest likes on Facebook. They’ve set up missing persons pages of someone who has allegedly gone missing. They offer bogus assistance to the families of the missing so that they can promote their own Facebook page on the missing families Facebook page in the hope to drive their own visitor numbers up.

If you’re wondering what the crooks do with the likes, the answer is simple. Facebook pages with many likes can be and are sold on the cybercriminal underground market.

Popular pages can be utilized by scammers and cybercriminals to advertise shady products and to lure the unsuspecting to malicious websites.

There are a lot of legitimate missing persons pages on Facebook and they can be of great aid. However, do your homework prior to hitting the share button.

If you come across such bogus pages, report them to Facebook.



A Message from the Morris Family - 5/14/2018

 We would be loss if it were not for your kindness, concern, compassion and caring. Your support provides us the strength to continue to search for the truth, to pursue justice and hold those accountable and to ultimately bring Ashley and Abagail home.

Cool Cayenne

CS Kern Printing

Benson Motorcycles

Look Twice Save a Life

Red Dog Saloon

H & D SupeRent

Mja Investigations

The Dead-End Cruiser's Car Show

Indiana Search and Recovery

Foreman Brothers

NamUs - National Missing and Unidentified Persons System

LaDonna Starkey

Alliance Construction

All amazing volunteers throughout the United States that have stepped forward to offer their professional services to assist in our mission.

Every individual that has taken time out of their own busy day to care and share Ashley and Abagail’s story.

Every individual that has provided a monetary donation thru GoFundMe to assist and support our search efforts.

Moving in the right direction-5/9/2018

Folks there is a lot of information to be disseminated today, first off, we would like to extend a big thank you to all who were involved in making the upcoming long-awaited 2 property search for Ashley a reality. In addition, we must extend our gratitude to law enforcement for reaching out to the Morris family and obtaining authorization for a portion of the areas what will be searched.

Secondly, during our busy lives many of us never stop to realize or research just how many individuals are missing in the United States. according to Missing Person Bulletin provided by the government published in April 2018 in the state of Indiana alone there are a staggering 914 individuals missing and unaccounted for. (see report)

While the NCIC report validates the report of those 914 missing only one percent or 168 persons have been registered by Indiana law enforcement departments into United States Government’s  National Missing & Unidentified Persons System (NamUs).

In Delaware County, Indiana where Ashley disappeared from, there are at present 32 missing individuals, from toddlers to senior citizens While we do not have personal knowledge about each individual case we do know that these numbers are unacceptable period. As of today, 2 of the 32 missing persons from Muncie have been entered in the Namus data base one of those being Ashley.

Keeping these above-mentioned stats in mind, we are posting Muncie Missing Persons April 2018 report:



















































































If by chance other missing person family members visit Ashley’s website we want you to know you’re not alone any longer.

As of today, we are in the process of complying a proposal for a very specific Missing Person Bill to be present to the Senate requesting that a federal law be passed for the state of Indiana pertaining to missing person Law Enforcement reporting protocol. It is a win - win situation both for the families of the missing and for Law Enforcement there are no losers here with this proposal.

Similar bills have been passed in other states just recently so we have high hopes that it will pass in Indiana as well. After all who would turn down a service that the tax paying citizens of the State of Indiana are already paying for each year. A wise person stated it is the equivalent of purchasing a meal and never eating the meal and allowing the meal to go to waste.

Therefore, with that thought in mind we warmly welcome all families of missing in Muncie and Indiana to contact us and share your story. We know the Morris Family and their supporters will be there to share their own personal experience pertaining to Ashley and Abagail’s case and we hope you will be as well.

As a united team we have the power to address what  changes  need to occur and witness those changes become federal law.

Now that we have shared our exciting news, there is a subject that we feel compelled to bring to light. As of recently there has been much in the way of individuals on Facebook proclaiming to be advocates for the missing. They tend to interject their selves in the missing persons families lives at a point in time that the families are extremely vulnerable.

Once they have the family in their clutches after thoroughly convincing them that they can help.  The advocate proceeds to publicly proclaim to be the spokesperson for the family, all the while without any type of formal education or training whatsoever. These types of social media missing poster posting advocates are the equivalent to ambulance chasers who end up causing more chaos, confusion and pain for the already suffering family.

Any person or organization that derives pleasure out of causing families of the missing additional grief and heartache and publicly posting comments based on premise, accusations, hearsay, rumors and assumptions while disrespecting the families wishes, should be severely admonished by the social media outlets that host the offending advocates pages.

This type of conduct is appalling we are of the belief that no family should be expected to expend their energies on doing battle and defend themselves against wild accusations with ruthless self-proclaimed advocates.

So, Families of the missing use caution do your due diligence and check the social media advocates background out. Speak up and make inquiry to your assigned case Law Enforcement officer to assist you if necessary in making the correct choice for a family.

While we do believe that there are those that do so with a purity of heart and good intentions there are others that have ulterior motives for doing so, always keep this in mind…” An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

 The house on delta drive- 5/7/18

Prior to Ashley's disappearance the walls within the home located at 1812 East Delta Drive Royerton, Indiana were white in color, after Ashley's disappearance as you can see the walls have been painted black, dark blue and a dark charcoal in color.

A public statement from the Morris Family - 5/4/18

We will never give up on our search for the truth as to what has happened to Ashley and the recovery of our granddaughter Abagail.

While others may judge our actions, we are here to inform you that other families that have stood where we are standing for the last five years and some much longer, they whole heartedly agree with us there is no right or wrong way when it pertains to our emotional responses and our feelings.  

We are entitled to endure this nightmare however we can and no one can take that away from us, nor should they try.

It is essential for our family’s survival to do what we feel is necessary regardless of other opinions.

At the onset we held on to hope that law enforcement would help and give us the mutual respect, trust and honesty that we had for them.

But the situation soured quickly they dismissed our feelings, instincts and gut reactions that we shared with them as to what may have happened to our daughter.

They for the most part refused to listen nor did they thoroughly follow through and investigate the tips and leads that were presented to them.

We could have agreed to disagree and continue as a partnership to find the answers together because at the end of the day it is not about us or them it is about our missing daughter Ashley and the illegal adoption of our granddaughter Abagail.

We have the right to do anything and everything that is within our legal rights to bring forth attention to our daughter and granddaughter. Searching, passing out fliers, podcast, media interviews without interference from law enforcement.

We have eye witnessed firsthand law enforcement following behind us and tearing our daughter Ashley’s fliers down. That is just to name one of the numerous incidents that we have had to endure over the past five years.

We as citizens are taught from an early age to rely on law enforcement, county government and the judicial system to assist us when in need. They are supposed to be fair, honest, non-judgmental and uphold the law regardless.

It has taken us five long hard heartbreaking years to realize we control this situation not the other way around. We have the right to share our story based on factual evidence without fear of repercussion from those in authority that have failed us.

We have the right to be treated with dignity and we need everyone’s assistance in helping us in finding the answers and bringing our loved one’s home.

We have the right to contact law enforcement assigned to our daughter’s case on a regular basis and we expect respect and will accept no less moving forward and to receive returned phone messages in a timely manner and to provide us with updates with open and honest communication.

It is our pledge to keep focused on our mission to our loved ones and we shall never give up searching!


Search Team - 4/29/18


Tony Skinner for Sheriff - 4/29/18

We are taking a moment to thank Tony Skinner for reaching out to the Morris family it truly meant a lot to them after being ignored for so long. A man of integrity and honor is what is needed in these most trying times. He has our vote and are praying that others will see that he has what it takes to do the job and do it right!

Abagail Marie Mullis has something to say! 4/17/18

Do you know me?

Have you seen me?

Did you know that my real name is Abagail Marie Mullis? Even thou you may know me by another name, but that is not my real name that my Mommy and Daddy named me. 

Did you know I am a big girl now, I just turned 5 years old. I have been away from home far too long.

Do you know this lady?  

Her name is Shelia York, but she goes by many different names, Shelia and Sheri are just to name a few of her a.k.a's.

Did you know that she is not my real Mommy or Grandmother? 

Did you know that there are bad people in Muncie, IN and Sarasota, Flordia that are responsible for me being taken far away from my family?

Did you know my real Mommy has been missing for 5 years? 

Do you know what happened to my real Mommy Ashley Morris Mullis? If you do please help me find her.

Did you know my Grandparents search for my Mommy every single day?

Did you know my Grandparents love me and want me to come home?

 I am too little to do any of this on my own and I am counting on you to help me find my way home to those that miss and love me.

Please contact those that can help me with any information that you have.  xoxoxo Love, Abagail xoxoxo

It's Only a Matter of Time 4/14/18

We thank all of you that have a heart contacting us with your tips, leads, and hearsay whispered in dark corners is it helping us to move along quickly. As for guilty parties,It is only a matter of time, you need to understand something today, right now, at this very moment. If you do not step forward you are as guilty as the individuals directly involved. You have went out of your way to cover things up. Never thinking for one moment that dozens of caring individuals would step up to the plate and are working around the clock to find the answers. 

What a corrupt world we live in! 4/10/2018

We are exercising our rights  FREEDOM OF SPEACH!

Freedom of speech is the right to articulate one's opinions and ideas without fear of government retaliation or censorship, or societal sanction. The term freedom of expression is sometimes used synonymously, but includes any act of seeking, receiving and imparting information or ideas, regardless of the medium used.

The following individuals know the truth, Dead or Alive we will extend to them the exact same amount of mercy that they extended to Ashley, her daughter and the Morris family.

Daniel York Sr. Deceased, Michael "Mick" Alexander Deceased, Jill Gonzalez, Angela Tobaygo Esquire, Fredrick P. Mercurio



A celebration of life was held on April 7, 2018