Ashley Elaine Mullis Missing

July 8, 2021 

April 26. 2021

By request and on behalf of the Morris Family this update is being written to inform those who are genuine supporters of the family.

Admittedly, it has been quite a while since the last update on Ashley’s website and there is a simple explanation for this and that is the Investigator(s) with Delaware County Sheriff’s department have been relentlessly and methodically working on her case and because of this no information is being made available for release to the public.

Ashley’s case is unique and different from most missing person cases in the sense that from the onset  it has been shrouded in lies, rumors, and innuendos.

With Sheriff Tony Skinner and his experienced no-nonsense hard-hitting investigators at the helm things are moving along swiftly in the right direction on Ashley’s case and a solid foundation has been firmly established. Which is wonderful news and is providing the Morris family with what they desperately needed all along and that is a renewed faith in law enforcement and their ability to find the answers and to bring closure to their family.

In the meanwhile, I would ask all to continue to support the family as they await the outcome. Sometimes a kind word or just listening is all that is needed to see a family through a horrific situation such as this.

Continue to pray that justice occurs for Ashley, Abagail, and the Morris family sooner than later and is swiftly enacted.

Event September 26th, 2020

MARCH 2020

Balloon Release 9/27/2019

The faith of a Mustard Seed

We shall not back down, we shall stay strong for both Ashley and Abagail.

We wholeheartedly place our trust in the fact truth will prevail in the end.

Dear GOD, give us the strength to carry on in the face of our adversaries whom are deliberately ignoring our pleads for answers, justice and making a mockery out of our deep-rooted pain.

For your beloved Son Jesus Christ stated, “If you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.”

We beseech you to assist us in removing that adversarial mountain, we asked this wholeheartedly with faith that you shall help us do as we have requested, so that we may bring our girls home.


A letter from a broken hearted Mother... i miss this beautiful face, her smile and warm heart. I miss opening my eyes and not seeing her face. I miss her voice, her laughter, i just miss her so. How can some animal just come into our lives and within months just rip it all to hell? Can anyone tell me, anyone at all? Sure you can, you just choose not to. How do you wake up every morning and start your day? How do you look in the mirror and see yourself as a human being? Your not! How do you eat, drink, sleep, shop, breathe, enjoy yourself, enjoy time with your family and friends, enjoy time with your children, just enjoy life period? How do you do it? Knowing what you know, or what you had a part in. Just how do you do it? Whoever you are, I know you are reading this, i just know you are. You are a coward, a spineless piece of filth. That you could come forward and end this suffering, not only for her parents or her kids, but for Ashley. But you choose to do nothing. The words that come out of my mouth or come to mind don't even come close to the filth that you are. You think that you've gotten away with this by hidding in the scumm of a hole that you were born in or keeping your mouth shut. One day, and it won't be soon enough for me, but one day you will have to answer for what you know or what you had a part in, and chose not to free yourself of this ugliness that's got a hold of you. I will pray for you. As for Ashleys family, we will forever live in this hell until we find out where she is, who knows and who is involved. And if you think for one second that you are going to continue to threaten and scare us away, you need to think again. You think you have the upper hand, lol, you do not. You sit back in your hi-chair and think that you've got us right where you want us. Lol, that is funny. You are a joke. You keep sending me your fake friends request, thinking your going to get something out if it. You are pathetic. So by all means, keep sending them, they are quite amusing. Just know, it's only a matter of time...just a matter of time. So by keeping this all to yourself, You think your hurting me, think again. I will not let you. In the end, you will loose. So, whenever you look in that morror, see your reflection, close your eyes at night, wake up in the morning to start your day, i hope you see her face. I hope it haunts you and eats you up inside, i hope it takes you to a deep dark hell. I know i shouldn't wish this upon anyone, but this is how I feel, this is what you have done to me...this is me. God, forgive me. Ashley will always live on in my heart. And that is something that no one will ever take from me, not even you.

The Meaning of Truth

Truth is most often used to mean being in accord with fact or reality and logical truth also called an analytic truth or a necessary truth is a statement which is true in all possible ways.

That is what the Morris Family is seeking the unadulterated truth as to what occurred prior to and leading up to Ashley’s disappearance.

Regardless of how unpleasant or brutal the truth maybe it is only with truth being brought forth will the opportunity for mental, emotional and physical healing to begin.

Therefore, if there is anyone out there that reads this and has compassion in their hearts and knows the truth please give Ashley’s family what they are seeking for the past five years and that is the truth.

Please help the Morris family bring their beloved Ashley home and lay their suffering to rest, pick up the phone and make that call today to any one of these organizations.


Delaware County Sheriff's Office


Case Number 2013-25263


Case Number 24768

FBI – by email anonymously, by phone

Indiana State Senate - Please help us make this happen!

Since Ashley’s disappearance, her family and friends have suffered with anguish and uncertainty. Family and friends have the right to know what happened. Indiana state government and law enforcement have an obligation to provide information and assist efforts to find the answers.

This must apply to every single family that is facing the same situation in the state of Indiana.

Adults and children alike go missing daily. Because the fate of the missing may be unknown, families are faced with the anguish of not knowing what happened to their loved one. Such families live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week faced with ongoing uncertainty and are unable to grieve

Humanitarian and human rights law requiring that all possible measures are taken to ensure the fate is known of their missing loved ones and that their families are kept informed must be enacted immediately.

While searching for answers pertaining to Ashley’s disappearance, it was discovered that inadequate measures to provide vital DNA, dental records and additional pertinent information is not being submitted to the federal NamUs database.  Out of the Nine hundred plus missing children and adults in the State of Indiana only 169 of those cases or 1% have been submitted to the NamUs database.

As of today, there are 59 Unidentified Person cases in the NamUs database that are sitting in limbo in the state of Indiana dating back to 1975. It is incomprehensible that this should be occurring, taking into consideration that it is your hard earn tax paying dollars that are paying for this service and it is not being properly utilized.

The rights of missing persons must be protected and not violated. The Indiana judicial system must be called to enact a law that allows for family members the legal right to be the missing person’s voice. To conduct all business in the missing person’s behalf, as if the missing person was present. (Obtaining all legal documentation, financial transactions, medical and dental records, etc.)

It is a crucial for all families of missing persons that forensics and the proper handling of unidentified persons remains to be enacted in the State of Indiana.

It is vital for all the residences of  the state of Indiana to collectively speak up and demand change. By placing your signature on the following petition, it will send a clear message to appointed officials that change is necessary to reunite missing loved ones with their families.

We are imploring on behalf of the Morris family and every other family in the State of Indiana to assist us with demanding that present missing person and unidentified policies are changed, by signing the following petition so that it we have the support needed to introduce a more in-depth directive and proposed bill to the Indiana Senate entitled the Ashley Morris Mullis law. 

Please click on the link below to sign the petition. Thank you for caring and sharing.


Ashley's mother's heartfelt thoughts 

 A heartfelt open and honest letter with photos of Ashley that Mrs. Morris posted on her social media site. We felt it was important to you experience thru her  words what it feels like to have a child missing. 

This is a pain like no other. When a love one is missing, that is a pain like no other. You want to hold them, see them, talk with them, visit with them, but you can't. That is a pain like no other. Every waking day is pure agony, that is a pain like no other. When it hurts so bad deep down inside your soul, that is a pain like no other. The pain I have inside me is unimaginable, it's a pain like no other. Pain, agony, heartache, sadness, emptiness, loneliness, bitter, angry, hateful, just plain death is what I feel daily. But I do have a special place in my heart filled with love, always...Ashley.

A word of caution - 5/17/2018

Being the family of a missing person is difficult enough, but there are people that making scamming others their full-time job and families of  missing persons are no exception. After doing some research we thought these words of caution were appropriate to post on Ashley's website for other families with missing loved ones.

Never ever pay any one when approached with offers of assistance to locate your loved one for a price. Secondly, when approached regarding volunteering on your loved one’s case the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center provides some excellent advice regarding volunteers.

Know your volunteers. Keep an accurate sign-in sheet with names and times when volunteers are active Record all volunteers' names, addresses, phone numbers, license plate numbers and driver's license numbers. Have volunteers sign consent forms for background checks and ask the police to run the checks.

Use your volunteers effectively.

Good Uses

• Distributing posters

• Asking for donations (bottles of water, meals, canopy tents, tables, chairs, items needed as supplies for search parties)

• Collecting reliable published media on the case

• Going door-to-door with printed fliers

• Ground searches

Bad Uses

• Talking to the media (unless the person is a professional public information officer, family member or close friend)

• Being a spokesperson or contact person for law enforcement

Additionally, the following content was gathered from numerous different articles around the internet and hold validity as to why it is so important prior to sharing a missing person poster on social media.

Sharing Missing Person Posters on social media

No doubt you’ve seen these pleas on Facebook before: Share this photo to help find my missing person. But heartfelt messages don’t always have the best intentions behind them, and by sharing them you could be putting the person in danger. Have you ever thought of that?

Thousands upon thousands of well-meaning people share the image, hoping that it might be seen by someone who can help. And if it is seen by someone helpful, then everything in the world is well and good, right? Not always.

Too many people blindly believe what’s written in Facebook posts such as these. They want to help, to be doing something about the problem. And because of this, they don’t think it through. This can be very dangerous.

Missing Persons Are Not Always Missing

Sometimes the missing children in these posts are not actually missing they are hiding. A family’s secret identity was blown open after the father made a plea on Facebook. Well-meaning people worldwide shared the post until someone recognized the alleged missing people.

What none of these well-meaning people realized was that the woman and children were given protected identities by the authorities after leaving an abusive environment and the spouse. Suddenly, their safety was put at risk, by people who had been trying to help reunite a family.

“The worst-case scenario is that you contribute to someone being beaten, raped or killed. You have to think twice before sharing this type of searches for missing people on Facebook”,

People in protection programs may be running from domestic violence, gang connections, or have been a witness to a serious crime. By exposing them, you leave them vulnerable to the people they are hiding from.

It’s impossible for most people to tell a heartfelt search from a malevolent one, so it’s best to avoid sharing at all just in case. However, if the search originated from a police source, or comes with a link to a reputable newspaper showing that the police are searching for the missing person, then it is likely to be legitimate. Even so, it’s worth considering that it’s a well set up ruse, so maintain a sense of skepticism. You can also check the state clearing house of missing persons for verification.

It’s also worth considering why people share these things in the first place. Some have described this as emotional armchair activism.

Many of the people who share these stories are often:

Trying to help a cause as best as they can from their living room.

Terrified that something similar may happen to their family members.

In some way attracted to the stories of other people’s grief.

Keep these points in mind when you consider sharing. To the people who see these stories every day, the people sharing them start to look like creepy tragedy-addicts who would rather click a few buttons than go out and help someone.

The Moral of The Story

It’s the Internet. You can’t really know what to believe unless you properly scrutinize the source, and you can’t always believe people are who they say they are. When it comes to missing children, you need to be even more vigilant with your research. Don’t just share the sob stories without thinking, as you may endanger people with good reason to stay hidden.

Facebook is rife with phishing schemes, click-jacking, scams, and hoaxes. Most people are quite vigilant in avoiding these yet have a blind spot when it comes to supposed missing persons. Don’t be fooled!

Scammers Set Up Fake Missing Persons Pages to Harvest Facebook Likes

Scammers have come up with a clever way to harvest likes on Facebook. They’ve set up missing persons pages of someone who has allegedly gone missing. They offer bogus assistance to the families of the missing so that they can promote their own Facebook page on the missing families Facebook page in the hope to drive their own visitor numbers up.

If you’re wondering what the crooks do with the likes, the answer is simple. Facebook pages with many likes can be and are sold on the cybercriminal underground market.

Popular pages can be utilized by scammers and cybercriminals to advertise shady products and to lure the unsuspecting to malicious websites.

There are a lot of legitimate missing persons pages on Facebook, and they can be of great aid. However, do your homework prior to hitting the share button.

If you come across such bogus pages, report them to Facebook.


A Message from the Morris Family - 5/14/2018

 We would be loss if it were not for your kindness, concern, compassion and caring. Your support provides us the strength to continue to search for the truth, to pursue justice and hold those accountable and to ultimately bring Ashley and Abagail home.

Cool Cayenne

CS Kern Printing

Benson Motorcycles

Look Twice Save a Life

Red Dog Saloon

H & D SupeRent

The Dead-End Cruiser's Car Show

Indiana Search and Recovery

Foreman Brothers

NamUs - National Missing and Unidentified Persons System

LaDonna Starkey

Alliance Construction

All amazing volunteers throughout the United States that have stepped forward to offer their professional services to assist in our mission.

Every individual that has taken time out of their own busy day to care and share Ashley and Abagail’s story.

Every individual that has provided a monetary donation thru GoFundMe to assist and support our search efforts.

Search Team - 4/29/18


Tony Skinner for Sheriff - 4/29/18

We are taking a moment to thank Tony Skinner for reaching out to the Morris family it truly meant a lot to them after being ignored for so long. A man of integrity and honor is what is needed in these most trying times. He has our vote and are praying that others will see that he has what it takes to do the job and do it right!

Abagail Marie Mullis has something to say! 4/17/18

Do you know me?

Have you seen me?

Did you know that my real name is Abagail Marie Mullis? Even thou you may know me by another name, but that is not my real name that my Mommy and Daddy named me. 

Did you know I am a big girl now, I just turned 5 years old. I have been away from home far too long.

Do you know this lady?  

Her name is Shelia York, but she goes by many different names.

Did you know that she is not my real Mommy or Grandmother? 

Did you know that there are bad people in Muncie, IN and Sarasota, Flordia that are responsible for me being taken far away from my family?

Did you know my real Mommy has been missing for 5 years? 

Do you know what happened to my real Mommy Ashley Morris Mullis? 

Did you know my Grandparents search for my Mommy every single day?

Did you know my Grandparents love me and want me to come home?

 I am too little to do any of this on my own and I am counting on you to help me find my way home to those that miss and love me.

Please contact those that can help me with any information that you have.  xoxoxo Love, Abagail xoxoxo

What a corrupt world we live in! 4/10/2018

We are exercising our rights  FREEDOM OF SPEACH!

Freedom of speech is the right to articulate one's opinions and ideas without fear of government retaliation or censorship, or societal sanction. The term freedom of expression is sometimes used synonymously, but includes any act of seeking, receiving and imparting information or ideas, regardless of the medium used.

The following individuals know the truth, Dead or Alive we will extend to them the exact same amount of mercy that they extended to Ashley, her daughter and the Morris family.

Daniel York Sr. Deceased, Michael "Mick" Alexander Deceased, Jill Gonzalez Deceased, Angela Tobaygo Esquire, Fredrick P. Mercurio



A celebration of life was held on April 7, 2018